Five Minutes with Madelyn Notenbaum, Admissions Representative

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Madelyn Notenbaum ’20 joined the admissions team after graduating from The University of Olivet this spring. While a student, she studied financial planning and business administration with a concentration in finance. Her passion for admissions has grown since serving as a student associate on the team, greeting students, leading tours and helping to create an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for families.
Why do you love OC?
Olivet is home to many students like myself. To feel comfortable going to faculty, staff and coaches is something you might not get at a bigger university. OC allows you to get involved in many different things whether it is academic societies, clubs/organizations, athletic teams and more. As a student, being able to continue my athletic career as a volleyball player and get an individualized education was something very important to me.
What is your favorite memory from your time at OC?
Traveling to Cape Town, South Africa, during my junior year with a group of classmates must be one of my favorite memories at Olivet. Being able to learn more about the culture and explore over my holiday break was unbelievable. Not only were students on the trip but alumni of OC were able to come, and I had the opportunity to learn more about their time at Olivet as well.
Why are you passionate about working in the Office of Admission?
Being able to assist students through a stressful process is very rewarding for me. I know what I experienced while attending OC, and I can offer them some guidance based on my first-hand knowledge.
What’s the average day in your role or some of the unique things you are responsible for?
A day in admissions is always different. Meeting with prospective students and their families, whether it be in person or via Zoom, and explaining what opportunities they could have here are all part of my daily role. Connecting with schools virtually has been a big change this year and one that is unique to this traditional position.
Why do you encourage students to attend OC?
My recruiting style is to always be connective and fun. I don’t want to be speaking at the student but rather inform them about everything they might need to know regarding the full college experience. When I went through the same process, I wished I had someone who spoke on their experiences and had a personal connection to the college I was looking into. I want to be that helping hand throughout it all. I hope other students can experience all the great things that OC has to offer. Being a smaller college, you have the ability to put yourself out there and get a lot in return.
What do you look forward to in your role?
I look forward to being able to make an impact on prospective students’ college decisions. Being able to help them walk through the process makes me very happy knowing the possibilities they will have here.
Learn more about The University of Olivet by contacting the Office of Admission at 800-456-7189 or admissions@uolivet.edu.


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