Five Minutes with Lorraine Manier, DNP, Director of Nursing Education

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Lorraine Manier, DNP, recently joined the The University of Olivet faculty to serve as director of nursing education. In her role, Dr. Manier leads the college’s RN-to-BSN Completion Program, giving students who have completed an associate’s degree in nursing (ADN) and who currently hold licensure in the state of Michigan as a registered nurse (RN) an attainable path toward a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). All nursing classes are held in Battle Creek at Kellogg Community College or take place online.

For Dr. Manier, the role combines her passions for nursing, leadership and serving students, and she is especially looking forward to strengthening the Michigan nursing workforce.

What led you to The University of Olivet to serve as director of nursing education?

I arrived in the middle of June and hit the road running to evaluate all of the great work that has been done to launch the RN-to-BSN Completion Program. It has been a dream of mine to serve in a leadership role, while maintaining my faculty role to make an impact on the profession of nursing.

I am a nurse who began my academic preparation at a community college. I then explored a four-year program and found that many of my credits would transfer. I had the best instructors, and they are why I am a teacher today. It is my goal that every student feel the same presence and support from me as I received. Now here I am, serving as a leader to launch the RN-to-BSN Completion Program in collaboration with my very roots: a Michigan community college.

What do you love about The University of Olivet?

My absolute favorite thing about The University of Olivet is the people and the people’s commitment to student success. I have met leadership, faculty, staff, students and community members. Their message is the same as my passion – students are at the forefront of every decision made at The University of Olivet.

Why do you encourage students to choose The University of Olivet’s RN-to-BSN Completion Program?

The University of Olivet RN-to-BSN Completion Program is designed to meet students at their current level as associate degreed registered nurses and support them through a curriculum that will develop critical thinking skills matching the expectation of the baccalaureate nurse. The learning style of all students is considered and embedded in this program, with the intent of developing nursing leaders at the patient’s bedside and beyond. Furthermore, the program will prepare students for graduate degrees in nursing.

Why do you believe this program is essential in developing a strong nursing workforce?

As hospitals, long term care facilities, home healthcare and hospice organizations are being reimbursed based on patient satisfaction and outcomes, the nursing workforce is being pushed by quality and safety organizations like the Joint Commission to accomplish Magnet Status. In order for an acute care hospital to obtain Magnet Status, it requires 80 percent of the nursing staff to be baccalaureate prepared. Currently in the Battle Creek area, there is a need to develop the current nursing workforce through post-licensure education.

In addition, there is a nationwide shortage of nurses to meet workforce demands. Our team hopes to encourage people who desire to become registered nurses the opportunity in the future to obtain a bachelor degree in nursing through a strong relationship with Kellogg Community College’s stellar licensing program.

What do you look forward to in your role?

I am most looking forward to watching students walk across the Commencement stage in May 2020, demonstrating their commitment to this program and the The University of Olivet family. Right now, I am looking forward to bringing The University of Olivet to Kellogg Community College and creating a model for developing baccalaureate nurses in collaboration with licensure nursing programs serving the nursing workforce needs across Michigan and beyond.

Where does your passion for nursing stem from?

My passion for nursing stems from my desire to do good. I was raised to love and prioritize God, love and take care of my family, and love and do good for others. I have a deep respect for the path that God has chosen for me to care for His people at the most vulnerable times during their lives. I became a nurse to know how to take care of people, and I pursued a lifelong educational goal to situate myself in a position to pass my passion to others, reaching even more people through the hands and hearts of my students.

What is your teaching style like?

My andragogic teaching style is very individualized for my audience. I view my students as individuals, with individual needs. Einstein said, “A good teacher meets the students where they are and brings them to where they need to be.” It is my goal to assure that all students feel the presence of a caring and passionate desire to do just that. I also have a goal to ignite a flame within students to become lifelong learners.

What advice do you share with young or developing nurses?

My advice for developing nurses is to take care of you! We give the best of ourselves when we are at our best.

Enroll in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree completion program this fall and receive 50 percent off tuition. Learn more and apply, or contact Manier at 269.749.7437 or lmanier@uolivet.edu.


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