Five Minutes with Charles Crowley, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Sports/Recreation Management

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Charles L. Crowley, Ph.D., teaches courses in the Health and Human Performance Department, focusing in the sports\recreation management program. He brings over 20 years of experience in the business and sport industries to his role, and his career has included government positions, the management of a Fortune 500 company, and Division I and II college coach. Despite his experiences around the nation, Dr. Crowley finds the most joy in teaching and making a positive impact in students’ lives and futures.

Beyond his academic subject, Dr. Crowley also strives to teach students to never give up and to always pursue big goals. He finds his teaching and coaching roles most rewarding when he is part of students’ success. Dr. Crowley even holds a personal philosophy to live life to its fullest and learn from every experience, something he shares with students as well.

What brought you to The University of Olivet?

The sports\recreation management program brought me to The University of Olivet because I see it as a new challenge in my career. I also enjoyed the people in the department and the experience that this role brought to my table.

Why do you love The University of Olivet?

The rich history, culture and pride that the people have for the college is what I love.

Where does your passion for teaching stem from?

My mentors, many of which were my own college professors, inspired me to become a teacher. A few include my accounting and management professor from my time as an undergraduate and my graduate sport management professors.

What is your teaching style like?

One primary objective of my teaching is to transform sports\recreation management theoretical models and theories into applied knowledge for today’s world.

What is one of the unique things you are responsible for?

Currently, my role is to development new program curriculum for the sports\recreation management program.

Why do you encourage students to attend OC?

I often share what it is like to be a part of the campus culture and experience the college’s rich history. I also emphasize that The University of Olivet places a strong focus on student success both in college and in students’ careers.

What do you look forward to in your role?

I look forward to supporting my students at their extracurricular activities and sporting events.

What advice do you share with students?

Don’t be afraid to be uncomfortable and to step out of your comfort zone to do something different. You will grow mentally, professionally and spiritually.

What is an interesting or little known fact about yourself?

I danced for a rap group when I was younger.

Learn more about The University of Olivet by visiting campus or attending an upcoming admissions event. Be sure to check out the Health and Human Performance programs to find your fit with Dr. Crowley. Contact the Office of Admissions at 800.456.7189 or admissions@uolivet.edu for questions.


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