Diving into Life as a JMC Major and Basketball Player with Senior Keyon Rainey

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I am a senior journalism and mass communications major from Detroit. I grew up in a very disciplined household as both of my parents were in the US Marine Corp. I was a part of many sports and activities as a child to keep me busy and out of trouble, including basketball.
My parents stressed the importance of not just being another statistic. Being a student-athlete was one of the more important things they encouraged, and continuing to play basketball in college was important to me. I learned about the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association (MIAA) from a family friend and originally chose to attend another college in the conference. The MIAA is important to me because it gives students who want to continue their dream of playing college sports a chance to fulfill that while still earning a great education.
I transferred to Olivet after realizing I wanted to attend a college that felt more like my home. I started the semester two weeks late, but this was one of the best decisions I have made during my young adult life. I adjusted to my new team as we traveled and spent time together. We went to Iowa, Chicago and Wisconsin. The bus rides were long, but we had fun as a team. I especially enjoyed eating out as a team at great restaurants and experiencing a media day in front of a green screen.
The transition to my new academic program at Olivet was very tough, but Daine Pavloski ’13, assistant professor of media studies, helped change my mood. Professor “Pav” has supported me in all of my goals and ideas, and I cannot thank him enough for that freedom. I knew I could be on a radio show, livestream at a football game, get involved at Homecoming or and more.
I always wanted to start a podcast, and I got the opportunity here at Olivet. Although it was a little rough at first, it was an experience I enjoyed. My first podcast was called “Open Mic, Open Run.” Alongside two of my teammates, Jackson Patton and Obie James, we came up with the idea of making a podcast about basketball and music. We had different segments and it was overall just a fun experience.
The experiences and skills I learned through creating my own podcast will help me after graduation, including communicating with others, planning, scheduling and audio editing. This semester, Obie and I are making a new podcast series called “Basketball School.” It is mostly about basketball and music with some funny segments and a few special guest appearances. You will be able to listen to our podcast on Spotify and Anchor!
I was also able to shoot workout videos whenever I wanted for my teammates and others in the weight room and gymnasium. I love shooting sports-related videos because it keeps me around the game. I have my own production business called Do-Right Productions. I have an Instagram, Twitter and YouTube that shows all my work so far.
The best opportunity Olivet has given me has been my internship with the marketing department. As a senior about to graduate, experience in your field is essential. I have done a ton of work, which went beyond just shooting with my camera. I have brainstormed video topics that can increase student engagement, participated in photo shoots in front of the camera and took B-roll for videos that I would later edit.
I think having experience under your belt before going out to the real world gives you a jump-start on what to expect in your career. After I graduate, I would like to see myself working with some form of sports video production team or with a marketing department. I want to stay around sports, so I will also continue my production business — maybe one day I’ll even be able to hire a full crew.
What I have done at Olivet has already helped me prepare for the future. Now, I must keep going and practicing the things I have learned. The University of Olivet is a great institution because it will help you get to where you want to go and get you out of your comfort zone.
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