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Computer science students recently gave presentations as the final project in their Machine Learning class. The project allowed students to research real-world technology applications and the role computer scientists play in the every-growing technology landscape.

In today’s world, it’s nearly impossible to get through a day without using a computer. Computer scientists work behind the scenes to make technology function properly. At Olivet, students in the computer science major learn the valuable skills that will help solve technological woes.

“The computer science major at The University of Olivet provides students with a strong foundation with which they may transition to graduate school or build a career in areas such as software and web development,” Janine Peters, associate professor of mathematics and chair of the Math and Computer Science Department, said. “The option to complement a computer science major with a mathematics minor offers students in this major the means to pursue career paths with a quantitative focus.”

Senior Ryan Jex started out as the “go-to computer guy” in his family, and his passion drew him to Olivet. He’s grateful for the opportunities the major offers and recognizes that the skills he’s learning will take him further than being the household “tech guy.”

“The major is valuable because of the sheer quantity of options available,” Ryan said. “Within the computer science program here, there are quite a few things that can be looked at in greater depth. We could talk for hours about the different jobs and career paths that someone with a computer science degree could take.”

Junior Justin Lavin feels prepared to enter the professional world and tackle the numerous career opportunities ahead of him.

“I not only have learned many industry standards for coding in computer science and mathematics, but I’ve also learned to look at problems from a different perspective. I can think about how I would approach a problem but also how someone else with a different skill set would approach the same problem. Computers are designed to be used by everyone. Therefore, the people designing the features of computers need to make them universal and easily understood by everyone.”

Ryan and Justin have both learned lessons that will help them well beyond the classroom.

“I’ve learned from my professors to try new things,” Ryan said. “Nobody is expected to know everything, and the best way to learn, in life and in computer science specifically, is to start trying something for yourself.

“I’ve also learned how to master new things better and faster. Different companies use different tools, so being able to learn how to use those tools more quickly is invaluable.”

Justin shares another universal message he’s picked up during his time at Olivet.

”I’ve learned to apply myself completely to every situation,” Justin said. “No task is ever complete, and there is always room for improvement.”

Justin believes Olivet’s computer science program will prepare him for what’s next.

“Every corner of the world involves the use of computers in one way or another, and they will need people who understand how to improve them even more than our world improves them today.” Justin said.

To learn more about the computer science major and other programs, contact the Office of Admissions at 800.456.7189 or admissions@uolivet.edu.


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