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Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

We are pleased to see a significant decline in COVID-19 cases across our nation, throughout the state of Michigan, within Eaton County and on our campus. Health experts expect this trend to continue, and the College will adjust COVID-19 mitigation strategies in stages as we see COVID-19 infection rates continue to decline.

This week’s OC CARES communication includes the following information that impacts all members of the OC family:

  1. Mask Policy Changes
  2. Respect OC Community Members Who Choose to Wear a Mask
  3. Continue to Help Stop the Spread of COVID-19
  4. Free COVID-19 Resources

Mask Policy Changes

As a result of the decline and new guidance from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), effective Saturday, February 19, the following masking protocols will be in effect:

  1. Masks are still required in the classroom and must be worn by faculty and students. The mask must cover both the nose and mouth.
  2. Masks are optional for the rest of the campus.
  3. Faculty and staff may require that masks be worn in their private workspace.

Click here to read the revised OC CARES Pandemic Response Plan.

Respect OC Community Members Who Choose to Wear a Mask

Anyone who would prefer to wear a mask in any setting is welcome to do so. In keeping with the The University of Olivet Compact, please be kind and respectful, and honor everyone’s choices about masking at all times.

  • When considering whether or not to continue wearing a mask in optional spaces on campus, you should think about your individual and family members’ risk factors and vaccination status. Those with chronic illness or who are immunocompromised are at higher risk for poor outcomes from COVID and would benefit most from masking in indoor settings. These risk factors may include age, medical conditions and vaccination status.
  • Regardless of vaccination status, all individuals must wear a mask during isolation and quarantine periods as outlined in the OC CARES Pandemic Response Plan.

Continue to Help Stop the Spread of COVID-19

To ensure a safe and healthy campus community and to do our part in helping to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, please keep the following protocols and suggestions in mind:

  1. Members of the The University of Olivet community are expected to carry a mask with them, wear their mask in all classrooms or instructional spaces, and respect a person’s request that you wear a mask in their private workspace.
  2. Obtain a COVID-19 vaccine and booster.
  3. Order your free COVID-19 tests to have on hand if needed.
  4. Anyone experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms should stay at home, call their medical provider, and, as appropriate, get tested. Even if you are negative for COVID, please consider wearing your mask indoors on campus while symptoms persist to avoid spreading illness.
  5. Students MUST call Campus Safety at 269-749-7911 and employees MUST contact Human Resources FIRST and immediately to report any of the following:
    • You have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19; or
    • You experience any of the COVID-19 symptoms listed in the OC CARES Pandemic Response Plan.

Free COVID-19 Resources

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