Big City Editor Finds Purpose as Small Town University Professor

November 1st, 2023 by
Sarah Peterson Pursues Passion for Student-Centered Learning Sarah Peterson devoted years to pursuing an editing career, only to realize that it wasn't what she dreamed it would be. "That was the career I always thought was meant for me; however, I soon discovered that there is a lot more to it than reading and editing,…
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One Minute with Thia Eller, Professor of Art

June 30th, 2023 by
What is your background in the subject you teach? I earned my Master of Fine Arts in medical and biological illustration at the University of Michigan in 1991. After graduating, I worked on a surgical atlas for orthopedic surgery for Dr. Tachdjian, the chair of orthopedic surgery at Northwestern University. At that same time, I…
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One Minute with Dr. Blake Reed, Associate Professor of Chemistry

June 9th, 2023 by
What is your background in the subject you teach? I have a Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry from Wayne State University. My research involved making small-molecule nickel catalysts for reductive coupling of carbon dioxide (turning carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into useable fuels). While I was at Wayne State, I also was a graduate teaching assistant…
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Dr. Meredith Dodson – “Crafting a Different Kind of Story”

April 16th, 2023 by
In December 2022 Dr. Meredith Dodson completed her 208-page doctoral dissertation in December 2022.  Entitled, "Crafting a Different Kind of Story: Experiences of Creative Writers Leading in Higher Education,” Her scholarship examined creativity in leadership from a perspective of the leader’s own sense of artistry in order to better understand how leaders develop and harness…
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Where in the World has Dr. Magie Been?

April 10th, 2023 by
Did you know that Dr. Nikki Magie recently completed a one-year sabbatical during which she researched and traveled in the U.S., Latin America and Europe? Dr. Magie is a world historian who places an emphasis on Latin America, migration and experiential learning. She typically attends and presents at 2-3 conferences annually. Last year she presented…
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A Minute with Dr. Maria Davis, Professor of Biology

March 3rd, 2023 by
What is your background in biology? My doctorate is in entomology, which is the study of insects. I like to joke with my students that I am a “bug doctor” -- they can send their sick bugs my way. Most of my research career was in applied entomology, where I addressed insect pest management challenges…
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Olivet and Thailand — Connected by Heart

August 13th, 2020 by
Eakamon “Andy” Oumtrakool, Ph.D., assistant professor of business administration, and Areerat “Poy” Lertchaipitak, Ph.D., assistant professor of business administration, are experts in their field and dedicated advisers, but those aren’t the only ways they enrich the The University of Olivet community. Oumtrakool and Lertchaipitak are originally from Thailand, and the couple proudly shares their culture…
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Five Minutes with Michael Fredericks, Associate Professor of Computer Science

June 27th, 2019 by
[caption id="attachment_31718" align="alignright" width="300"] Provost Maria Davis, Ph.D., with Professor Fredericks[/caption] Michael Fredericks serves as associate professor of computer science at The University of Olivet. He has been a member of the faculty since 2002 and holds a deep regard for small, liberal arts colleges and the kind of learning experience they provide. Professor Fredericks…
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Five Minutes With Chair, Adviser and Professor Susanne Lewis, Ph.D.

May 29th, 2019 by
Susanne Lewis, Ph.D. is a professor of chemistry and adviser to OC’s chapter of the American Chemical Society (ACS). With the goal of becoming a college professor, Professor Lewis got her start in the role as an undergraduate lab assistant for an introductory chemistry lab course. Since then, she’s been a teacher and adviser in…
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Five Minutes With Cea Noyes, J.D.

May 23rd, 2019 by
Cynthia “Cea” Noyes, J.D., has worked at The University of Olivet for nearly 25 years. She currently serves as chair of the Social Science Department, professor of sociology/anthropology and director of the Betsy Dole Women’s Resource Center. In her teaching, Professor Noyes aims to help students build on prior learning and apply classroom lessons to…
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Off to Save the World: Olivet’s Sociology/Anthropology Major

May 22nd, 2019 by
[et_pb_section admin_label="section"] [et_pb_row admin_label="row"] [et_pb_column type="4_4"][et_pb_text admin_label="Text"] Everybody wants to change the world, and Olivet’s sociology/anthropology major is setting students up to achieve that goal one day at a time. [caption id="attachment_31124" align="alignright" width="300"] Professor Noyes[/caption] Cea Noyes, J.D., chair of the Social Science Department, professor of sociology/anthropology and director of the Betsy Dole Women’s…
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Five Minutes With Mike Fales ’75 — Professor, Alumnus and Mentor

May 10th, 2019 by
[caption id="attachment_28911" align="alignright" width="350"] Most recently, Professor Fales led a group of students and alumni to Japan to study religion and culture.[/caption] Mike Fales ’75 currently serves as director of service learning and campus ministries and assistant professor of interdisciplinary studies and religion, but it’s nearly impossible to sum up the true impact he has…
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Faculty Panel Celebrates 175 Years of The University of Olivet

May 2nd, 2019 by
[caption id="attachment_28859" align="alignright" width="350"] Left to right: Provost Maria Davis, Ph.D., John Homer, Ph.D., KayDee Perry, Jare Klein, Art Stevens, Ph.D., Don Walker, Ph.D., and President Steven M. Corey, Ph.D.[/caption] Recently, faculty members gathered for a Faculty Panel in celebration of 175 years of The University of Olivet. The theme of the panel was “Perspectives…
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Five Minutes with Timothy Flynn, Ph.D., Professor of Music

April 10th, 2019 by
Timothy Flynn, Ph.D., serves as professor of music at The University of Olivet. Professor Flynn’s passion for music developed early in his childhood, and he even held the position of organist-choirmaster for a church at just 15-years-old. He has continued to hold similar roles at various types of churches and also has an extensive background…
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Five Minutes With Blake Reed, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry

March 27th, 2019 by
Blake Reed, Ph.D., serves as assistant professor of chemistry at The University of Olivet. His passion for teaching stems back to his time in high school, and Professor Reed hasn’t felt a tug toward another role since. He is particularly interested in inorganic chemistry and even holds a Ph.D. in the subject. While this may…
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Carol Breed ’98: Family and Insurance Go Hand-in-Hand

March 14th, 2019 by
[caption id="attachment_27905" align="alignright" width="350"] Carol Breed '98 was named professor emeritus at the 2018 Opening Convocation.[/caption] Carol Breed ’98 is often renowned for the legacy she left on The University of Olivet’s insurance and risk management (IRM) program, even now that she’s retired. To Carol, her legacy pales in comparison to the lasting impression The…
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Five Minutes with John Moore, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology

February 28th, 2019 by
John Moore, Ph.D., serves as assistant professor of psychology at The University of Olivet, but his role goes far beyond the classroom. Professor Moore is also dedicated to helping students succeed in all aspects of their educational journeys and shares his knowledge applied to mental health and other relevant issues with all Comets. In fact,…
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Five Minutes with Ben Reed, Assistant Professor of Health and Human Performance

February 22nd, 2019 by
Ben Reed serves as assistant professor of health and human performance at The University of Olivet. He has shaped his career around the ability to work with students, fostering their personal growth and development. His most prominent passion in life is basketball, and he strongly enjoys relating to students and players through that love. Why…
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Five Minutes with Sarah Peterson: Helping Students Succeed from Anywhere

February 11th, 2019 by
Sarah Peterson serves as assistant professor of writing and director of online learning and distance education at The University of Olivet. With a passion for reading, writing and grammar, Professor Peterson originally shaped her career around publishing before realizing that teaching was her true calling. Since discovering her passion, Professor Peterson has continued her own…
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Five Minutes with Ross Bohms ’71, Associate Professor of Mathematics

February 5th, 2019 by
Ross Bohms formally serves as associate professor of mathematics at The University of Olivet, in addition to giving his time to co-advise the Adelphic Alpha Pi fraternity and Alpha Eta Chapter of Sigma Zeta, a national honor society for mathematics, science and computer science majors. His motivation to serve the College in this way stems…
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