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For junior Asher Wertheimer, The University of Olivet is — and always has been — home. As the son of two professors, Gary Wertheimer, professor of art, and Thia Eller, associate professor of art, Asher has been intricately familiar with Olivet since a young age. Now, Asher is a journalism and mass communication major exploring his interests and future career path, backed by the confidence of his OC family.
“I am from right here in Olivet, and I practically grew up on the The University of Olivet campus,” Asher said. “Some of my earliest memories are of running through the halls of Mott during an art gallery opening and roaming the campus during Welcome Week. I chose to go to Olivet for this reason. It was my home. I was familiar with it and loved the campus and people. Studying at Olivet is like studying in my own living room. Except now, I’m actually doing that.”
While Asher isn’t sure of his future career path, he is grateful for the ability to explore different avenues and possibilities. As a journalism and mass communication (JMC) major, he’s proud to be a member of the WOCR staff, OC’s student-led radio station, and is interested in working for National Public Radio.
“I joined WOCR because I love journalism and content creation,” Asher said. “The opportunity to be live on-air was something I couldn’t pass up. Through WOCR, I was able to create a podcast and host live shows. At WOCR, I found students who were excited about broadcast production. They wanted to be on-air, to reach out to their fellow students and members of the community. People created laid back trivia shows, sports podcasts and political discourse. There are some truly brilliant people at WOCR, and I am proud to work with them.”
“If I do pursue a career within the journalism and mass communication field, my ultimate goal is to work for National Public Radio (NPR). I find the investigative reporting done by the journalists at NPR to be above and beyond the norm and essential, especially today. I am looking into internships at newspapers, magazines and radio stations to try and get some hands-on experience. My JMC professors are aiding me in this by sending me opportunities that come across their desks, both in and outside of Olivet.”
Asher’s close bond with his professors has been instrumental in his college experience, offering guidance and encouraging his confidence.
“The faculty and staff at Olivet are beyond helpful,” Asher said. “They are some of the best teachers and mentors that I have ever encountered. The guidance and education I have received from Olivet professors has made the past three years very memorable. I have learned so much academically and personally. I can laugh with these professors. They are not just academic instructors. They are teachers in the true sense of the word, and I am honored to be their student.”
The most influential professors for me have been Professor Kirk Hendershott-Kraetzer, Ph.D., Professor Daine Pavloski and Professor Joanne Williams. They have had individual meetings with me to talk about what interests me, what I want to do and where I want to go. I have had meetings with some in which I simply sit and talk about something that is bothering me or a decision I am struggling with. The professors have written recommendations for me and gone above and beyond to help guide me. Naturally, my parents were also very helpful in this regard, but the kindness and assistance demonstrated by professors, some of whom I have only known for a year, is truly outstanding and touching. I cannot thank them enough.”
As Asher enters his junior year, he is excited to simply continue his college education. From tackling complex subjects to connecting with more students and professors on campus, Asher knows there is much more to discover on his college journey.
“Olivet has taught me skills that I value today,” Asher emphasized. “From the complex world of Broadcast Production, to the intricacies of Writing and Rhetoric, to the basic fundamentals of Ethics, I have learned so much here. More than that, I have grown as a person. I have been exposed to professors who are sometimes 30 years my senior but with whom I can laugh and joke and discuss. These professors have made, and continue to make, my time at Olivet special. Moreover, I have met fellow students from all walks of life who are just as motivated as I am. They encourage and challenge me. I enjoy talking with them about everything from the criminal justice system in America to the most recent Star Wars. I have no doubt that some of the people I have met these past few years will go on to do some spectacular things, and I am proud to have known them.”
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