Alexis McDonald – A Tale of a Transfer Student

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Alexis McDonald is a senior studying psychology. Growing up in Union, Michigan, Alexis had the opportunity to dual enroll at a community college while she was in high school. After graduating from Constantine High School in 2020, she completed her associate’s degree in criminal justice through the community college.

She knew her education was not yet complete, and after talking with an advisor, she decided to pursue a path toward a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Alexis said, “I started looking up colleges that offered good and reliable psychology programs, and I came across The University of Olivet. I looked through their program, and it had me sold.”

Since beginning her time at Olivet, Alexis has become an avid member of the Psych Club, even serving as club treasurer. The primary motivation for joining the club was to get connected. “I joined Psych Club to connect with other students with the same interests. Everyone in the group is so welcoming, encouraging, and determined to build up this group.”

Knowing she would only have two years at Olivet, she was nervous about finding community and good friendships. Alexis shared, “I was worried about building friendships when I transferred because I did not know anyone. It was a big transition from knowing everyone in my small town and community college to knowing no one, but I was quickly accepted.” She now has some of the best friends she’s ever had and is thankful for how they support and are there for each other.

Alexis advises other transfer students not to be afraid to start somewhere new. “Before I came to The University of Olivet, I lived at home, and when I came here, I was so intimidated because it was my first time away. I am so happy I came to Olivet and moved out of my ‘safe space.’ Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone, strive for new opportunities, and be a go-getter.”

Alexis’s time at Olivet may be drawing to a close, but it’s been profound. She said, “My experience as a Comet has made me who I am today by helping me achieve what I feared to do. I have become more confident in what I can do to make a change in the world. I have only been a Comet for a short time, but it has helped to shape me into a more confident person.”

As Alexis looks to what will come after graduation, she hopes to continue her education by pursuing clinical psychology. She is passionate about mental health and providing help to those in need. For now, Alexis is weighing her grad school options as she searches for the place that will be her next perfect fit.

Learn more about The University of Olivet by contacting the Office of Admission at 269-749-7635 or admissions@uolivet.edu

This feature was written by Savannah Baker, a senior studying English and business. The former editor of Olivet’s literary journal, Garfield Lake Review, Savannah now pursues her interest in writing and editing as a marketing intern with The University of Olivet. 


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