Women's Leadership Institute

Boldly Seek and Achieve Your Goals

The University of Olivet has been committed to inclusion and diversity for over 175 years, educating and advancing leaders of all backgrounds since the College’s founding. As a testament to this commitment, the first graduating class was comprised of three women — Sophia Keyes, Mary Barber and Sara Benedict. In honor of these women, The University of Olivet has established the Women’s Leadership Institute Keyes-Barber-Benedict (KBB) Scholars Program, a focal point of deep learning and engagement for a select group of students on campus.

This unique leadership program is designed to deeply connect students with their academic, career and civic passions and prepare them to be exceptional citizens and employees or graduate students upon graduation. In the spirit of our first three graduates, KBB Scholars learn to embrace their unique qualities and develop the confidence and courage to become influential and successful citizens who boldly seek and achieve their goals.

Keyes-Barber-Benedict Scholars have the opportunity to:

  • Earn a Keyes-Barber-Benedict Scholarship (amount varies).
  • Network and create long-lasting relationships with prominent women leaders.
  • Participate in personal and professional development experiences.
  • Learn from the premier ATHENA International Leadership Model.

The Keyes-Barber-Benedict (KBB) Scholars Program is open to all incoming freshmen and transfer students with an incoming GPA of a 3.0 or higher.

The KBB Scholars Program is open to individuals of all genders, gender identities and gender nonconforming identities.

I joined the WLI because I wanted to be a part of an organization that empowers other women and helps you become a better version of yourself.”

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Meet WLI Member Kiandra Marciniak

Kiandra knew she was at home from the moment she first stepped onto The University of Olivet’s campus. Hailing from Lansing, a small college close to home was the perfect fit for her, and she says she has already experienced tremendous personal and professional growth.

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