BSW Admission & Fees

Admission Process

The BSW degree completion program starts at the junior level. Admission to the program is a two-step process.

Step 1

  1. Submit the UOlivet undergraduate admission application.
  2. Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above.
  3. Completed at least two years of undergraduate studies, or in progress at the time of application.
  4. Completed all admission prerequisite coursework* successfully completed or in progress at the time of application or have completed equivalencies that were approved by The University of Olivet.
  5. Earned a grade of “C” or better in all admission prerequisite coursework* (excluding general education requirements.

* Prerequisite coursework: These 12 credits of coursework consist of the following:

  • SW 105: Introduction to Social Work (3)
  • SW 200: Social Welfare and Social Work Practice: History, Trends, and Basic Concepts (3)
  • SW 215: Human Behavior in the Social Environment (3)
  • SW 230: Social Work Concepts in Group, Community, and Organizational Behavior (3)

Step 2

Admission to the BSW program requires an additional application stage that will follow after your initial undergraduate admission application has been reviewed and accepted. Step two of your admission will include the following:

  1. Completed Letter of Intent
  2. Obtained two Letters of Recommendation
  3. Completed admission essay questions
  4. Signed the Social Work Professionalism and Ethics Agreement
  5. Signed the Criminal Background Statement of Understanding
  6. Submitted your resume
  7. Submitted your transcript

Tuition and Fees

Current tuition and fees

At The University of Olivet, the application fee is waived and your Transfer Credit Evaluation is included. Tuition is based on credit hours and students pay a per-term technology fee.


An additional fee for BSW Students is the purchase of Tevera, a cloud-based placement management system for Practicum that will be utilized throughout your program for placements, data management, and academic tracking.

Tevera is not a product designed by The University of Olivet; however, it houses an ever-growing list of practicum sites where students have been placed in the past. This software is used to evaluate student performance on the nine CSWE competencies in all practice, policy and research, and practicum education courses, and thus is critically important for program accreditation. This system allows BSW students, practicum instructors, faculty liaisons, affiliated organizations, the BSW practicum director, and related personnel to access shared information electronically. The Practicum Office will provide all users with information on creating your Tevera account.

All BSW students are required to purchase Tevera and will be provided instructions on when and how to do so by the Practicum Director. All students will be required to access and use Tevera to complete the program.

Professional Liability Insurance Coverage

Like other health professionals, social workers and social work students require liability insurance to work with clients. All students will be required to purchase liability insurance for all semesters they are in a practicum placement. Students cannot start their internship hours without first obtaining liability insurance. No exceptions will be made.

Students will need the $1-3 million coverage option. Coverage terms generally cover one calendar year.

Student members of NASW receive a discounted price for liability insurance. Students will purchase NASW membership at $60 (annual fee, only during Senior year/practicum placement experience) and add NASW liability coverage for $15. If the student does not wish to be an NASW member, they can still purchase liability insurance for $25. Students may continue these memberships at a discounted rate after graduation if they would like. The required insurance can also be purchased at Healthcare Providers Service Organization (HPSO).

Liability insurance plans vary in their coverage, but students should expect the liability insurance to cover only costs related to harm done to the client, not to the student. Students should also have health insurance coverage in case of injury while working at the placement. If students are not paid employees at their placement, they are not covered by Worker’s Compensation provisions.

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