Inclusion and Diversity in the Curriculum

The Liberal Arts Core at The University of Olivet includes three required diversity and inclusion-related courses.

IDS 151 Self and Community

This course focuses on the exploration of diverse points of view through small and large group dialogue in a micro-community setting. Through multiple pedagogies, such as oral communication, writing, reading, listening and thinking, students will explore local and global connectors between individual and social responsibility in the context of “who am I?” and “who am I in the community?”

Using the College’s Vision, Education for Individual and Social Responsibility, as a guiding philosophy, the course examines the promise of a multicultural society and a just world investigates the issues that confront us on the way to these goals. The course is a vehicle for students to explore their own particular identity and articulate their values and beliefs while listening to the value and belief systems of others.

Exploration of Diversity Within the United States

Students must complete one course from the following to meet the College’s exploration of diversity requirements:

ENG 105 Text and Culture
ENG 202 Defining the American in Literature
ENG 205 Interpreting Literature
ENG 401 Ethnic American Literature
HST 204 African American History
HST 341 American Women I
HHP 255 Women in Sport
PSY 309 Psychosocial Aspects of Gender
SA 160 Introduction to Gerontology
SA 255 The Civil Rights Movement
SA 309 Psychosocial Aspects of Gender
SA 302 Topics in Inequality: Race and Ethnicities
SA 303 Topics in Inequality: Gender
SA 310 Generations
SA 311 Uncloseting America
SCI 350 Gender, Race & Science
WGS 201 Intro to Women’s and Gender Studies
WGS 220 Women in the Arts
WGS 241 Feminist/Womanist Theory I
WGS 255 Women in Sport
WGS 260 Perspectives on Masculinity
WGS 311 Uncloseting America
WGS 342 Feminist/Womanist Theory II
WGS 370 Women & Business

Global Awareness

Students must complete one course from the following to meet the College’s global awareness requirements:

ART 101 Image and Culture
ART 240 History of World Art I: Pre-History to Medieval
ART 241 History of World Art II: Renaissance to Post-Impressionism
ART 243 Art & Culture of Tuscany
BUS 340 Global Marketing Perspectives
BUS 484 International Marketing
CJ 220 Terrorism & Homeland Security
ENG 203 Genre and Ideology
ENG 220 The English Language
ENG 230 Behind the Scenes: Films and Filmmakers
ENG 251 Travel Writing
ENG 303 Non-Western Literatures
HST 203 Sub-Saharan African History
HST 205 East Asian History
HST 206 Latin American History
HST 213 World Geography through Time
HST 219 Modern Middle East
HST 316 Modern Russia
HST 317 American Foreign Policy in the 20th Century
HST 351 Europe Since 1500 C.E.
MPC 101 Introduction to Media Studies
MPC 105 Introduction to Communication
MUS 120 Music and Culture
PSY 225 Cross-Cultural Psychology
REL 101 Religion, Culture & Society
REL 201 Myth, Symbol & Meaning
REL 260 World Religions
REL 265 Earth-Based Religions and Spirituality
REL 306 Religions and Social (Dis)order
REL 330 Gender, Sexuality and Religion
REL 360 Islamic Tradition
SA 210 Poverty
SA 304 Sports, Culture & Society
SA 305 People, Resources and the World
SA 306 Religions and Social (Dis)order
THR 106 Theatre and Culture
WRL 101 Introductory World Languages I
WRL 102 Introductory World Languages II
WRL 201 Intermediate World Languages I
WRL 202 Intermediate World Languages II

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