A Minute with Rising Sophomore Jaelyn Weber-Peabody, Student Ambassador

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What motivated you to apply for this summer job, and what do you hope to gain from the experience?

I worked in the admissions office during the spring semester and enjoyed it so much I wanted to continue for the summer. I used to get really anxious when talking to people, but I have already gained so much confidence through giving tours and interacting with families that come to visit. I hope to continue growing my confidence during my time as a student ambassador!

What’s the most memorable or funny moment you’ve had while working here this summer?

It is hard to pick just one moment! I was always entertained, between laughing with the otherstudent ambassadors and all the fun the admissions staff would get up to. A really fun day was when the staff dressed up for Western Day and everyone wore cowboy boots and hats!

How do you balance work, play, and classes (if you took classes) during the summer? Any fun activities or hobbies you like to do outside of work?

I am a big fan of using a planner! Between working in admissions, dog-sitting for President Corey, and maintaining a social life, it is extremely helpful for me to write everything down. My favorite hobbies outside of work are playing tennis and spending time with my friends!

Sometimes, summer jobs lead to unexpected friendships or mentorships. Have you made any new connections during your time here that you think will last beyond the summer?

I have made so many connections over the summer. There were three other student ambassadors I worked alongside this summer and we have all become close. I hang out with them outside of work and these new friendships will definitely last beyond the summer!

What advice would you give to future summer student workers who might work in a similar role or for the same organization?

Enjoy yourself! The staff is so amazing and they truly care about you as a person. Just make sure you’re keeping track of your tour times and write down the orientation dates!

What advice did your supervisor or someone you worked with this summer give you that you’ll remember and use in the future?

I have received such great advice from everyone I work with, but I really value what Mekenzie Lamb has said to me because she went from a student ambassador to an admissions representative, so she really understands the job. She has told me to have fun, speak from experience and connect with the families during the tour. I keep that in mind before every tour!


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