A Minute with Landen Cooley

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What motivated you to apply for this summer job, and what do you hope to gain from the experience?

I applied for Campus Safety and Summer Residential Advisor because I wanted to ensure that the campus is safe — campus-wise and resident-wise. I hoped to gain from this experience better connections and bonds around campus and to help build that family atmosphere that The University of Olivet is best known for.

What’s the most memorable or funny moment you’ve had while working here this summer?

The most memorable moment I had while working over the summer was when I talked to different people who stayed on campus in the Greek-themed houses and apartments. One time when I was on duty I sat in a spot watching campus, and I got to have a conversation with a couple of Greeks that passed by and locals about their life and their summer. This was an everyday thing whenever I was on duty, and I loved every second of it.

How do you balance work, play, and classes (if you took classes) during the summer? Any fun activities or hobbies you like to do outside of work?

I also had an internship through my Criminal Justice program during the summer. I balanced all three positions with my calendar and said no to some things people wanted me to do. In my calendar, I had the days I had to do certain things for that certain job and the days I had to work in whatever other job I had to work in. Since I had this calendar, I was able to keep track of everything, and if someone asked me to do something, I would refer to my calendar to see if I was busy or not; and if I was busy I would have to say no to that certain task, and if I wasn’t busy I would do that certain task.

Sometimes, summer jobs lead to unexpected friendships or mentorships. Have you made any new connections during your time here that you think will last beyond the summer?

I have made many new connections, but they were off campus with my internship. I met the District Judges for Calhoun County and the Referee Attorneys and Juvenile Probation Officers. These new connections that my major introduced me to will get me far in what I want to do in my career.

What advice would you give to future summer student workers who might work in a similar role or for the same organization?

Some advice I would give new student workers for the summer is that this is still the summer, and you can still make time to have summer fun. But if you are working during the summer, know the difference between when it’s time to have fun and when it’s time to work.

What advice did your supervisor or someone you worked with this summer give you that you’ll remember and use in the future?

My supervisor at my internship gave me advice: don’t give your all to something because when you do, that means you have nothing else to give yourself. Feed yourself first so that you can feed others that need it.

Did you also take classes this summer? If so, what.

My internship was my class for the summer.


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