The GCHP Results Are In: Congratulations Cassidy Hath!

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Cassidy Hath had three requirements on her college wish list: a psychology program, a cheer team and a small campus with moderate class sizes to allow for easy access to individualized attention. The University of Olivet fit the bill. A full-tuition scholarship? That was just the cherry on top.

Cassidy, a senior at Jonesville High School, applied to The University of Olivet while exploring her college options. At the time, Olivet ranked middle of the pack on her list of possibilities. As Cassidy and her friends dove deeper into their college explorations, it became apparent that Olivet had everything she was looking for, moving the school to the top of her list. Being invited to participate in the The University of Olivet Global Citizen Honors Program (GCHP) Scholarship Competition confirmed for her that she had found the college that was right for her.

Cassidy Hath (right) and Sarah Mattson, Cassidy’s admissions rep.

Global Citizen Honors Program

Members of GCHP at The University of Olivet are provided opportunities to investigate global, interdisciplinary issues by inquiring into the theories and philosophical underpinnings of complex social issues. The program is experiential, requiring members to be involved not only with the problems they are investigating but with each other and the world around them.

With each new class of Olivet students, the GCHP Scholarship Competition is held. Students participate in an interview session with faculty and staff members, as well as an essay writing competition. The grand prize is a full tuition scholarship to The University of Olivet and additional scholarships are also awarded.

“Committing to attend college is a big deal and seemed overwhelming until I found Olivet. Everything has just fallen into place so perfectly for me. I was excited to further my studies in psychology, join the cheer team and make new connections in college before ever winning the scholarship,” said Cassidy. “Now, I can hardly wait to move onto campus and start my journey. GCHP has already shown me that I have endless possibilities at The University of Olivet, and I’ve already achieved things I never thought I would.”

It’s Not Just an Idea, It’s the Way of Life

At The University of Olivet, the goal is to develop global citizens capable of creating change. Through service learning, classes that explore global issues and college leadership focused on giving back, each student builds confidence to be more and develops their conscience to do good.

In her scholarship-winning essay, Cassidy outlined a few plans she has to help give back to her community. They include a youth recreational center where students her age can spend evenings and weekends in a safe, structured environment, and an expansion to the leadership and mentoring program for cheerleaders at her school to include girls of all ages from the elementary, middle and high schools. Cassidy considers the purpose of life to help others, something she learned from her family. She also believes that one of the best ways to learn is by communicating with other people and sharing in their life experiences.

“Olivet’s mission and values really resonated with me,” Cassidy added. “I didn’t know that colleges even really talked about that kind of stuff. It’s still years away, but I’m already thinking about and confident that my psychology degree will allow me to help people at a higher level after my graduation from Olivet.”

From Now Until the Class of 2021

Cassidy and her class celebrate Cassidy’s scholarship with a pizza party thrown by The University of Olivet.

Cassidy still has plenty to do until she moves onto campus in August, including celebrating her scholarship. She received the official congratulations from Admissions Rep Sarah Mattson in early February, and The University of Olivet even threw her a surprise party at Jonesville High School during her English class on February 14. Cassidy says her parents, Jay and Rita Hath, are extremely proud and very thankful for the opportunities Olivet has presented to her. All three shed tears of happiness together when Cassidy found out she won the scholarship.

In addition, Cassidy is looking forward to her senior prom, high school graduation and official The University of Olivet orientation. And, she’s already started planning and designing how she will decorate her dorm room as well.

Cassidy credits the admissions staff and faculty for helping her through the college selection process. “I’ve always had someone helping me along the way, and considering where I’m at right now, it’s easy to say they’ve done a great job,” she said.

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GCHP is designed for the student who wishes to continue demonstrating creativity and leadership within the framework of individual and social responsibility. Learn more about GCHP, including honors course offerings and the Oxford Experience, a study abroad program available to GCHP students.

Also, get an overview of campus life, academic options and student services. Apply to The University of Olivet to begin exploring your own opportunities or schedule a visit to experience campus yourself.


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