10 Things That Always Happen at The University of Olivet Orientation

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Orientation is designed to prepare students for four years of college in a single day. No worries though, Olivet’s been welcoming students since 1844, so our faculty and staff will take good care of you. You’ll leave with a wealth of knowledge about campus life, and you’ll also experience these 10 amazing things firsthand.

1. You’ll listen to a lot of information, but you’ll be glad you did. If you want to know the dining hours, where to get your parking pass or how to locate your schedule online, this is when you should pay attention. And if you fail a little bit, you can find pretty much everything you need to know.

2. You will meet tons of new people. This is by far the best part. Try to connect with other students who are living in the same dorm or majoring in the same thing, so you don’t feel too lost during your first week.

3. In order to meet these people, you will have to participate in icebreakers. Get ready for a scavenger hunt. Don’t be too cool to have fun. Oh, and also prepare for more icebreakers after you move onto campus: in class, in your hall. Embrace it!

4. You’ll quite possibly end up taking a class at 8 a.m. It’s nearly impossible to avoid, but the good news is breakfast at the KC is great!

5. You’ll realize that people were lying when they told you, you couldn’t avoid getting lost on campus at least once. That’s not a problem at Olivet. Nearly all of campus is visible if you’re standing in the middle of the Square. You’re welcome.

6. You’ll eat at the KC for one of the first times. That’s short for Kirk Center and you’ll be eating there a lot over the next four years. There’s a sandwich line that is even better than Subway because they don’t charge extra for bacon. And even though you shouldn’t, you could literally have dessert with every meal.

7. Your parents will embarrass you. If your mom calls you her “sugar pumpkin” or “cuddle bug” one more time, just smile and know that she means well.

8. You’ll most likely put some extra effort into “first impressions.” But don’t worry too much about this. Remember, your personality is what matters. Let it shine!

9. You’ll have fun. Orientation can be full of mixed emotions: anxiety, fear, anticipation, boredom, surprise, literally anything. But you will have fun too. Just sit back and enjoy the day – the good times will come your way.

10. You’ll leave counting down the days to August 26. AKA Move-In Day! Until then, chat it up with your new friends, shop for dorm furnishings and enjoy the summer break. See you soon!


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